Succulents have grown trendier by the year and are the perfect decorative addition to any home, garden, or office space. The diverse group of plants comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and requires such minimal care that they’re sure to thrive in whatever space you choose to place them in. Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents may be your new favorite plant – if they aren’t already!

About The Succulent Group

A diverse group of plants with members in over sixty plant families, succulent plants are commonly found in arid or semi-arid climates. However, they can still flourish in indoor conditions anywhere on the planet because you can control irrigation and soil in a container. They are distinguishable by their fleshy stems or leaves that serve them by holding water. They do best in a course, well drained sand mix.

How to Care For Them

Succulents are low maintenance and easy to grow! They need light, but it does not need to be direct sunlight. A succulent will do well in a window or screened-in porch that receives light during the day. They require such little water (about one tablespoon every 12 days or so) that many of our customers end up surprised if their plant dies from overwatering.

Where to Store Them

An environment at around room temperature is best for succulents. As far as the best form of container, you can get creative! Choose any container that suits your style and will hold the shape and size of the plant well. Some popular options are flower pots, glass bowls (which can be transformed into a full terrarium), eclectic tea cups, vintage tins, emptied glass bottles, old books, and more; the options are endless!

Contact us today for tips on displaying your unique succulents, or if you have questions on how to best care for them. Our team of dedicated professionals here at Trad’s Garden Center will be happy to assist you!