Red Gerber Daisy Flower

After a March that came in like a lion, as well as a rough hurricane season and unseasonably cold winter, we’re overjoyed to know that the relief of spring is on its way. Since the majority of our Pest Control, Lawn Care, and Garden Center teams work outside, we feel the wrath of the lion and the lamb everyday, giving us a great respect for nature.

Aside from March living up to its lion-and-lamb reputation with high winds and roller-coaster temperatures, we’re also recovering from January’s hard freezes and the damage caused by Hurricane Irma last September. Due to our subtropical climate, we’re used to seeing a plethora of blooming plants (including weeds) and trees, even during the winter. However, this year, we’re facing brown, wilted plants resulting from the freeze and a lot more blue skies from trees taken out by Hurricane Irma.

Here at Trad’s, we see your home’s outside spaces as additional living space, so we think it’s just as important to give those areas a little spring cleaning. Spring is a time of renewal, and that, paired with the speedbumps Mother Nature has created for our lawns and gardens, comes a wonderful opportunity to refresh or completely redo our outdoor spaces. As an added bonus, spending time sprucing up your lawn and garden can help you achieve some of your New Year’s Resolutions, like getting healthier, creating work-life balance, reducing stress, and spending more time with family.

Not sure where to start? The seemingly endless options may be overwhelming: annuals, perennials, tropicals, trees, succulents, shrubs, ground covers, vines, roses, and edibles. The plants you choose should depend on the time of year you’re planting and the goals of your landscape. Do you want a lot of green or vibrant pops of color? Pet-safe plants or edibles? Pottery, above-ground planters, or a traditional in-ground look?

No matter your goal, we’ve got the experience and supplies to help you make it happen. For you old pros who know what you want and need, a trip to the Garden Center should be on your agenda. If you need a little more help, we are ready take some of the work off your plate with our environmentally friendly lawn care program for a healthier, greener lawn. We also offer our popular Garden Center Designs where we work with you to create a design plan for your lawn or garden, complete with a list of plants, and your consultation fee returned in the form of a Garden Center gift card. Additionally, we offer Urban Garden Design services to get you on the path to growing your own food!

No matter which type of service you desire, whether you’re getting your hands dirty in your garden or basking in the glory of completed yard work, we always encourage you to take some time to enjoy the simple things, like a ladybug perched on a leaf of a Knockout Rose.