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This time of year, many people are busy making New Year’s Resolutions as they look to the New Year for a fresh start. Aside from creating a healthier lifestyle, one of the most popular resolutions people set each year is to improve their home, including their landscape! Now that winter is here, an important method to improve your landscape is to protect your plants from the cold weather.

There are multiple things you can do to protect your plants, including:

  • Making sure the soil is moist prior to cold weather as plants need adequate water even when it is cold.
  • Protect your plants by covering or wrapping them.
  • Smaller plants and shrubs could be dug up from the ground, added to containers, and moved to warmer locations.
  • Small wattage light bulbs can be added under covers as a heat source if they are approved for outdoor use and do not touch the covers.

Not to mention, it’s also a great time of the year to start planning for spring! Late winter is the perfect time for spring garden and soil preparation. During this time of the year gardens will begin to come back to life as vivid and vibrantly colored flowers and plants bloom again. Below are some ways you can get started on planning your garden for a landscape that catches the eye:

  • Choosing a proper location: Location is vital for the survival of your plants. Make sure they’re planted in a location that’s receiving enough sunlight, irrigation, and soil.
  • Attract butterflies: Brighten up your garden by attracting butterflies and birds. Installing a birdbath and certain species of plants in your landscape will create a view for everyone to admire.
  • Think ahead: Take into consideration plants’ size and growth rates. Be sure to plan your garden before planting so that the plants that grow faster and larger don’t overpower the landscape.
  • Add variety: Plants with different textures and colors will make a great addition to any garden. Try adding flowers with rich tones because they add color as well as depth to your landscape. Plants of different textures can make a good border or hedge.

If you have any questions about protecting your plants during the cold, or need help planning for spring, the team here at Trad’s Garden Center would be happy to help! Give us a call or visit our Website for more information!