Termite Control

Termites, which can easily remain undetected, cause billions of dollars in damage each year and are considered the most damaging urban pest in the U.S. An individual termite colony can contain millions of members and can cause substantial damage to homes and other structures, so protection is a long-term commitment. Since Florida’s environment is naturally attractive to termites, and is host to heavy termite populations, it’s important to have a local expert on your side. Our experienced pest control professionals are committed to utilizing their comprehensive knowledge of how to fight termites Northeast Florida to keep your home or business protected.


The Sentricon® Bait System is effective against even the most aggressive termite species. Once in place, Sentricon is always active and won’t degrade with weather or time.

By using natural termite behavior, this system is effective against the entire termite colony, even the queen.

Trad’s Sentricon clients have a choice of Altriset or Termidor (if any liquid treatment is necessary).


Trad’s customers also have the choice of Altriset, the first reduced-risk termite control product. Altriset gives powerful and long-lasting termite control – and it’s environmentally smart. Altriset mimics natural insect repellents in certain trees and shrub bark. It has a low impact on the environment, including mammals, birds, bees, fish, and other animals, all while providing exceptional termite protection and control. Altriset controls termites when they eat it, when they touch it, and when they transfer it to other termites.


Termidor® is America’s #1 termite defense. Termidor hits termites with a three-way punch: when they eat it, when they touch it, and when they transfer it to other termites in the colony. Over the past decade, Termidor has become the most successful termite product on the market. Termidor provides powerful protection and control with low toxicity and low water solubility.

Compete Quarterly Bundle starting at $45/month

The Complete Household Pest Control bundle is for the natural and organic treatment of common household pests, including household ants, roaches, spiders, occasional invaders (millipedes, centipedes, earwigs), and silverfish.

Trad’s Termite Programs include:

  • Free inspection and evaluation at the time of proposal
  • Annual inspections by trained Termite Professionals so your property is continuously monitored
  • Comprehensive annual report with inspection
  • Peace of mind
  • Protection for the largest investment most people make in a lifetime —  their home

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