Shrub Care Program

Shrub Care Program

Trad’s Shrub Program offers fertilization, disease control, and insect control. The Shrub Program offers three treatments consisting of one fertilization and two insect-control applications. Customers can choose from the Basic Shrub Program featuring just the three treatments, or a Premium Shrub Program that also offers treatment for disease and service calls.

We use the same fertilizer on our customers’ shrubs that we use in the Garden Center. The fertilizer we use is custom blended and breaks down slowly over the growing season. We use very specialized products for the control of shrub insects and shrub diseases.

We cannot offer treatment for naturalized trees, potted plants, plants on patios or decks, annuals, or edible plants. We do not treat fruit trees, roses, or plants inside pool cages. Excluded pests include wood-boring insects, termites, slugs, snails, blights, viruses, root rots and root fungus, cold damage, heat stress, and drought damage. We do not treat weeds in beds.

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If you are in our shrub care program, call us at 904-733-7488.