Indoor Pests & Rodents

In Florida’s tropical climate, pests are a constant issue. Trad’s Quarterly Pest Control options provide continuous protection using an integrated approach to control pests in the home and office. We scour the interior and exterior of your home or office to evaluate conditions that may contribute to pests in and around the structure. We do not believe that “more is better” when it comes to applying products, and we choose environmentally friendly products when they are the best choice. Trad’s services are based around a Cooperative Pest Control (CPC) process, which means we work with you to ensure you fully understand the conditions that lead to or help maintain pest infestations to eliminate the problem and prevent another in the future. Trad’s treatments and the correction of conducive conditions are the winning combination to rid your home or office of pests.

We offer the following choices for Indoor Pest Control:

Premium Quarterly Pest Control

Starts at $35 per month

Our most popular indoor program, Premium Quarterly Pest Control, is for treatment of carpenter ants, rats, mice, household ants, roaches, spiders, occasional invaders (millipedes, centipedes, earwigs), and silverfish.

Complete Quarterly Pest Control

Starts at $45 per month

The Complete Household Pest Control bundle is for the natural and organic treatment of common household pests, including household ants, roaches, spiders, occasional invaders (millipedes, centipedes, earwigs), and silverfish.

What You Need to Know

Initial Treatment

The first time Trad’s treats your home or office in any of our protection options, we provide both an interior and exterior application. After that, we make preventive treatments to the exterior of your home each quarter. If pests reappear on the inside, simply call us and we’ll schedule a service call for an additional treatment.

Quarterly Service

All of our household pest control options are serviced quarterly.

Protect More, Save More

You can combine indoor pest control services with other services for a discount.

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