Pest Services

Trad’s Pest Control is the local pest control company you can trust to get rid of pests and rodents in and outside of your home or business. Our professional exterminators are experts in their field who know how to deal with the pest and rodent control problems specific to our area. We’ve been a proud part of the Jacksonville landscape for 45 years, and we look forward to many more years as your trusted pest control partner. If you’re in need of pest control services in Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, or throughout the Jacksonville area, give us a call!

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Indoor Pests & Rodents

We take an integrated approach to controlling pests inside the home, and work with the customer to eliminate the pest problem.

Termite Control Atlantic Beach FL


Florida’s environment is naturally attractive to termites and is host to heavy termite populations. Trad’s can help protect what could be your biggest investment — your home.

Pest Control Atlantic Beach FL


Trad’s offers structural fumigation for your home or office. 

Lawn Care Program

Trad’s Lawn Care Program covers the four major turf-destroying insects, as well as weed control, disease control, and fertilization.

Lawn Treatment Atlantic Beach FL

Shrub Care Program

Trad’s is one of the few companies to offer a shrub fertilization and spray program, keeping your ornamentals healthy all year long.

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Our Commitment to Florida

Trad’s Pest Control always considers our client before we make any application.

Trad’s is certified in the Florida Green Industries’ Best Management Practices for the protection of water resources in Florida. We use green/environmentally friendly products in indoor pest control, where our goal is always “reduced exposure and reduced toxicity.” Our commitment to these Best Management Practices lets our clients and their families know we place value on choosing the best products for the environment, the river, and our families.

Trad’s places great value on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and we partner with our clients for terrific results that include:

  • Beautiful lawn and landscape
  • Pest-free home
  • Structures protected from termites
  • Rodent-free home
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