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Sales Professionals

Chris Hayes

Chris has been with Trad’s since October 2018. He is happy working at Trad’s and enjoys selling the best services to his customers. Chris’ favorite part about his job is not only selling services to customers, but also educating them about their lawn and pest control issues. He enjoys relaying all of his knowledge to his customers in order to ensure they fully understand the services we offer and the effect they have. Outside of Trad’s, Chris enjoys the fast life, racing and driving his motorcycle and his spirit animal is a lion. When it comes to his favorite food to eat, Chris doesn’t like putting restrictions—all food is his favorite!

Brad Jaques

Brad has been working at Trad’s as a sales professional for almost two years. Something Brad enjoys the most about his job is his ability to work with his family! Brad’s mother is one of our Pest Control Customer Service Representatives and his younger sister works at the Garden Center. Most companies say they are like a family, but at Trad’s, Brad really does work with his family! Brad’s favorite part about working at Trad’s is his ability to interact with people in our local Jacksonville community. Brad continues his family theme throughout all aspects of his life outside of work. His favorite activity is spending time with his daughter, Anna. Brad’s spirit animal is a lion and his favorite food is quesadillas.

Don McIntee

Don has been working at Trad’s for about 3 years. He loves working in Sales and currently serves as our Sales & Outreach Liaison, representing Trad’s at various events throughout the community. Don’s favorite part about his work at Trad’s is the opportunity to meet and connect with new people every day. He is proud of his work and enjoys the ability to offer a great service to the community. Don appreciates his customers and cherishes the special bond he shares with each of them. Outside of work, Don enjoys working in his yard. His spirit animal is a cat and his favorite type of food is seafood.

Michael Lynch

Mike is the most recent member of our sales team and has been with Trad’s for 1 month, 3 days and counting! His favorite part about his job is the freedom and autonomy he receives as a sales professional. He enjoys setting his own schedule and being responsible for his customer calls. At Trad’s, Mike appreciates the importance of open and frequent communication and is happy there are always multiple people he can reach out to if he has any questions. As soon as he started at Trad’s, Mike is thankful that he instantly felt he was a part of the Trad’s family. Outside of work, Mike enjoys race cars and drag racing. His spirit animal is a dolphin and his favorite food is steak.

Customer Service Representatives

Carole Selph

Termite and Pest Control Liaison – Customer Service Team

Erika Costley

Billing Liaison – Customer Service Team

Lisa Lopez

Lawn and Shrub Liaison – Customer Service Team

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