Tree & Shrub Care

Tips for Maintaining Shrubs:

  • Give your landscape shrubs a good trim from the inside once or twice per year. Frequent trimming to maintain shapes and sizes results in shrubs that are hollow on the inside and unhealthy.
  • Keep your beds clean and free of weeds. Pull weeds as they emerge, and mulch your beds to help prevent the germination of new weeds and maintain moisture.
  • Watch for sudden de-foliation, brown spots on leaves, and wilting. These can all be signs of disease or insect activity.
  • Maintain proper irrigation on your shrub beds. Too little water can be just as harmful as too much water and can result in insects, disease, and dead plants.
  • Remember this rule: “right plant/right place.” Plant shrubs and ornamentals in places where they will thrive, and install the appropriate number of plants per bed. Crowded beds and plants growing in the wrong location will lead to overall decline in the health of shrub beds. See some plant suggestions on our Garden Center page or, better yet, come by the Garden Center and speak with one of our experts!