Pink Flower
Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got the perfect gifts in our Garden Center. Trust us, moms love roses, hydrangeas, and butterfly-attracting flowers – and we’ve got quite the variety!


There isn’t a mom out there who doesn’t love a beautiful rose. Roses look great in vases, and dress up your outdoor spaces with bright colors and beautiful scents. Our roses are grown on the Florida rootstock, which makes them durable in the Sunshine State’s sandy soil. Visit the Garden Center, and choose from tree and topiary roses such as drifts, knockouts, and hybrid tea.


The beautiful, full blooms of flowers in the hydrangea family are a Mother’s Day favorite. Hydrangeas also make a great project for mom after they’ve bloomed – dry them to use in flower arrangements for added colors! Grab one of the pretty varieties below at the Garden Center to put a smile on your mom’s face!

  • Oak Leaf: Can grow up to 6 feet tall, and do well in sun or shade.
  • Endless Summer: Bloom an average of 10-12 weeks longer than old-fashioned varieties.
  • French: Produces beautiful green and white leaves with a silk flower.
  • Color Fantasy & Lime Light: Can take full sun, so a perfect fit for Florida.
  • Dear Dolores: Blooms twice a year (in spring, then again in summer to fall) with pink or blue flowers.

Butterfly & Hummingbird Flowers

With butterflies on the move this time of year, you can help your mom build a stunning butterfly and hummingbird oasis in her garden with a few special flowers. Our Garden Center is stocked with all the plants and flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds and keep them fluttering throughout your garden spaces, like:

  • Milkweed attracts Monarchs
  • Citrus attracts Giant Swallowtail
  • Cassia attracts Sulphur
  • Canna Lily attracts Skippers
  • Parsley attracts Black Swallowtail
  • Passion Vine attracts Gulf Fritillary and Zebra Long-wing Redbud
  • Other favorites include: buddleia, thryalis, lions ear, cone flower, penta, porter weed, cuphea, scabiosa, fire bush, cigar flower

If you’re looking to earn some extra brownie points this Mother’s Day, let her design the garden of her dreams with Trad’s Garden Center Designs. We’ll work with her to create a design plan for her lawn or garden, and help her get set up with all the tools and flowers to make it a reality.

If your mom is more of the practical type, we can help her grow her own edible garden with our Urban Garden Design services!

We’d also be happy to help you create a designed planter! You buy the plants and the soil, and either bring or buy the pot, and we’ll happily create a beautiful display just for mom – and we do it for free! Moms love these magazine-ready potted displays!

We’ve got all the flowers and plants you need to make this Mother’s Day special. If you’re still not sure what Mom will love best, stop by the Garden Center today to talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable experts.