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Let’s be honest, while we dream of sipping summer drinks in the cool of the evening in our perfectly manicured gardens – most of us are still in the midst of planting, weeding and maintaining what we’ve already got.  Between work and family and commitments, gardening is that thing you squeeze in the gaps of your schedule. Its ok, I get it, I’m right there with you. This time of year has me running in 20 different directions, so I will touch on a few key points to keep you well informed over the next few weeks.

While summer can be really tough on plants there are a few exceptions that can handle the heat well with proper care. June is still the perfect time to plant okra, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, winter squash and eggplant. Herbs like Basil, Tarragon and Rosemary can beat the heat with the right water and attention. Something as simple as pinching them back to prevent branching and flowering can keep them fresh and deliciously useable through the summer.


Keep an eye out for insect and fungus issues. This time of year is the toughest on plants and lawns.  A lot of problems can be avoided with proper watering and nutrition.  Brown spots, hot spots, wilt are all signs your lawn is struggling. Of course you can always trust one of our experts from Trad’s Pest Control to diagnose proper treatment for any lawn issue. Trad’s is certified by Florida Green industries, we can help you have a beautiful lawn and keep the river clean too!

There’s another gardening trend that been around for a while that I’m a big fan of…it benefits our pollinators, helps conserve water once plants are established and it’s better for our growing environment. GOING NATIVE!  Florida’s native plants aren’t only beautiful but they’re durable as well. After planting and caring for them through the initial shock period, some native plants can thrive on little to no water or care other than the water nature provides. And there are many that range from full sun to full shade. We carry many Florida native plants as regular items in our Garden Center, such as Muhly Grass(muhlenbergia), Yaupon Holly, Dune Sunflowers, Blanket Flowers (gaillardia), Coontie Palm (zamia pumila), Simpson Stopper and Beauty Berry to name a few.

Native plants have staying power. Our landscape needs them. Our wildlife needs them.  They add interest to any garden.

Going Native is the best way to maximize your garden with the least amount of upkeep.

The Gardeners To-Do List for June:

  1. Keep planting!! Look for the following in the heat of summer:

– beans, okra, sweet potatoes, eggplants

– spider lilies, apostle iris, crossandra, hollyhock, salvia, kalanchoe

  1. Keep a close eye on your lawn:

-Be mindful of leaf damage, brown spots, active ant mounds or insect activity

-Utilize environmentally safe ways to care for all lawn issues

-Maintain proper watering as the foundation to a healthy lawn

  1. Butterfly gardeners be sure you have a steady supply of caterpillar friendly plants and unsprayed flowers for those hungry pollinators!
  2. Keep pruning to a minimum to avoid causing your plants stress during high heat months. Trim dead branches/flowers only.