Green, healthy lawns can be a cinch if you know how to conquer the chinch! One of the most destructive lawn pests in our area has got to be the chinch bug. These little creatures are smaller than a grain of rice, yet they yield lasting and noticeable effects on your lawn if left undisturbed. Pesticides have often been the go-to solution to handle the chinch; but with the resistance they’ve built over the years, they barely flinch!

You likely have experienced chinch bugs in your lawn if you’ve lived in Florida. These insects thrive in the heat and feed on the juices they find in grass. The presence of chinch bugs is often noticed when there are areas of yellowing grass that rapidly browns and dies – often within just one week! This rapid destruction of your lawn is something to take heed of, as the damage chinch bugs cause is often non-repairable.

Perhaps you don’t notice any signs of an infestation. It’s important to do what you can to keep it this way! Chinch bugs love lawns with lots of thatch, also known as that layer of dead plant material, found between the tips of your grass blades and the soil below. Not only does thatch give chinch bugs—and other lawn pests for that matter­—somewhere to hide, but it also prevents treatments from being properly applied. Chinch bugs also like a lawn that is under stress from drought, as grass in this weakened state is less able to maintain its defense against pests.

Lawn care professionals used to administer common turf pesticides to ward off chinch bugs. As years have gone by, the same strategies just won’t cut it anymore. Chinch bugs have begun to build up resistance to common treatments, so other solutions must be explored. The best defense is, you guessed it, a good offense!

Consistent and careful lawn care is the best way to prevent chinch bugs from taking hold of your lawn. Regular mowing will help to reduce a buildup of thatch, which will give lawn pests a tougher time to settle in your yard. Practicing good watering skills is another way to build up your turf’s defense; just be sure to keep the weather in mind with your watering schedule as to not over- or under-water your lawn. Fertilizer can be a good way to keep your lawn healthy, but too much of it or the wrong kind will just cause increased thatch buildup and more lawn pests. Therefore, many people choose to trust their lawn care to professionals.

We’re currently offering the following services in a bundle: Preferred Lawn + Quarterly Pest Control + Sentricon and you get $100 off. This is treatment for chinch bugs, sodworms, weeds, sedges, crabgrass, disease and fertilization, roaches, ants, indoor pests and termites.

To learn more about how you can protect your lawn from destructive pests like chinch bugs, give us a call today!