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At Trad’s Garden Center, we carry thousands of plants, flowers, and trees. We display our plants in the same growing conditions found in your own garden or lawn. For example, certain plants do well in direct sunlight, so those plants are in direct sunlight at our nursery; on the other hand, some plants require partial shade, and that’s where you will find those plants at our nursery. We know what will grow and thrive in Jacksonville lawns and gardens. That is why our customers have been coming to Trad’s for more than 45 years.

Below is a listing of the most popular plants and flowers available at Trad’s Garden Center, but to get a better look at our selection, we suggest you come in and stroll through our beautiful grounds. There, you can ask any of our garden professionals for growing tips and product recommendations to maximize your garden’s health and beauty.

Springing Into A New Season!

Join us every Saturday this spring to get your hands dirty.


Annuals are planted seasonally and add color to any setting.


Because they bloom nearly all year-round, and not from season to season, perennials offer consistency to your garden.

Ground Cover

Ground cover plants are typically used to fill in areas where turfgrass is not desired.

Trees & Shrubs

Shrubs are the foundation for a great lawn and landscape, as they set the tone for creating a specific design.


We have a large selection of edible plants, and many of the edibles we sell are grown from seed and free of pesticides.

House Plants

Trad’s is the best place to visit if you are looking for plants to adorn your home or office.