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When you water and fertilize your shrub beds, you also make the soil more welcoming to invasive weeds. Weed growth in landscape beds can also happen due to heavy rain fall. Weeds not only make your landscape look messy, but they also steal nutrients from the plants that you have worked so hard to develop!

Once weeds have established themselves in your shrub beds, they move into your lawn which is far more difficult to control. Hand-pulling weeds that are already growing around your shrubs is an effective tactic, however, it can become a demanding task in our area of Florida because of the humidity and heavy rainfall during the growing months. On the other hand, during the summer months, our team here at Trad’s Gardening Center commonly sees harmful weeds including crabgrass, dove weed, dayflower, spurge, sedges, and dollar weed.

These species of weeds thrive in rainy conditions and have become a problem for many homeowners in our area. Using herbicides frequently isn’t recommended for weed control because it can damage valuable landscape plants surrounding the weeds as well. If necessary, carefully spray herbicide on desired weeds, and even protect nearby plants from spray drift by covering them with plastic sheeting or cardboard. Here at Trad’s Gardening Center, we do not recommend weed cloth since it generates heat and can therefore cause root disease that will, in turn, kill off plants (and besides, weeds grow in the cracks of asphalt, so weed cloth is hardly a challenge!).

The most effective method of removing weeds from your shrub beds is hand-pulling the weeds or using a trake. A trake is a combination of a trowel and a rake that features two useful tools in one, so it can be used kneeling or sitting, thus eliminating extra bending and back straining! The short end, which is the rake, will pull up grassy weeds and the trowel end can be used to dig up roots and clumps. If you’re interested in purchasing a trake, head on over to our Garden Center to check out our options for easier gardening!