Bugs are a just a part of life in Florida, as much as some of us wish that they weren’t. To put it colloquially, bugs can really suck! There are a variety of insects that thrive by biting and sucking the nutrients from living things. There are the pesky bugs that bite humans to access blood, and then there are the bugs that suck the juice out of plants – your lawn and landscape included! It’s important to understand which bug does what and where, so that you can accurately and efficiently enact a strategy to control these pests.  First, we’ll focus on the plant juice-sucking insect known as…

Chinch Bugs

June is typically the start of the insect season in our area, and this year will be one to watch out for! Since winter was warm and spring relatively dry, bug populations are expected to be higher than usual. Chinch bugs, in particular, will be a threat to look out for. Chinch bugs will suck the juice out of your lawn, leaving unsightly brown patches that will likely grow and spread. These pests tend to go after lawns that are dry and not often watered.

Because of the resistance to professional and homeowner products that the chinch bug has developed, homeowners and pest control companies have limit options; that being said, prevention is definitely the key when it comes to dealing with these pesky suckers.

So, the best offense against chinch bugs is a good defense through preventative strategies. The number one way to ward off these bugs is through proper irrigation. You don’t want to water your lawn too much, as it will contribute to diseases or weeds. It’s important to maintain a balance and to be mindful of rainfall. An even, green lawn is a great indicator of success!


The other insect that really sucks is the mosquito – female mosquitoes to be exact! While we don’t wish to come off as sexist to the mosquito community, female mosquitoes are the only type from their species to

bite humans; they extract proteins from iron in our blood to help them produce eggs. Not only are mosquito bites uncomfortable, but they also put humans at risk of infections or diseases. This is why a strategy to ward these pests off your property is so essential.

Our area’s lush greenery and rainy summers are a real treat for mosquitoes as they tend to thrive in areas with access to moisture, especially standing water. To prevent mosquitoes from being too much of a nuisance in your yard, be sure to drain or dispel any areas of standing water. For instance, this can be done by cleaning out your gutters and dumping out plant saucers. If your landscape features areas of standing water, make sure you change out the water every 2 or 3 days (bird baths, dog bowls, etc.).

Unlike chinch bugs, mosquito populations are actually pretty manageable with the right help. Since Floridians are up against both nighttime and daytime mosquitoes, it helps to request a professional mosquito control treatment for your property. This can help diminish the mosquitoes that are currently on your property and prevent new ones from coming!

While some bugs can really suck the life out of summer, or you, or your lawn, they don’t have to! With the right tools and prevention strategies, you can enjoy the great outdoors without pesky insects raining on your parade.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re here to help protect you and your lawn from these invaders! You can reach us by calling (904) 733-7488 or by visiting our website.