The Subterranean Termite can cause more damage financially than a good hurricane and they do it by working “one for all and all for one.” Everything they do is for the existence of the colony. It’s true everything has a place in this world and so it is for the termite. In the wild they break down fallen trees that have died from lightning strikes or disease and turn them into compost to be reused by nature. Unfortunately the studs, stairs, or siding on your homes will do just as well for them and they have clever ways to find it no matter how hard we try to build them out. Make sure to have your home checked and treated for termites regularly to avoid damage from these little invaders.

Pest expert, George McCall, took these photos of mud tubes in a Jacksonville home. Termites build the mud tubes from deep in the earth where their colonies are made into homes. These structures offer them protection as they migrate up and down the mud tube. If you crack open a tube with your fingers, termites will literally fall out. Call us today so this doesn’t happen to you!