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You work hard to maintain a beautiful, thick, and green lawn; but somehow, those weeds just keep coming back.  How do you finally get rid of the crabgrass in your Florida lawn?

A great first step is making sure that your turf or yard is free of pests. Often times, pest and insect damage will cause your yard to become bare and therefore more susceptible to weed infestations, as the open spaces will allow for weeds to grow. For example, crickets or moles create tunnels that break the soils surface, which allows weeds to become established fairly quickly. A lawn can be slow to recover from this type of damage.

In our area of Florida, there are three main species of weeds: broadleaf (they normally have flowers), sedges (clumps with triangular stems and large seed heads), and grasses (crabgrass, torpedo grass, wild Bermuda).

Proper fertilization, mowing, watering, and pest control are vital to produce a lawn that can prevent a weed infestation. If your turf is mowed too frequently, or if it is under fertilized, your turf can become weakened; thus inviting a weed population.

That all being said, it is important to rid your lawn of the invading weeds, including wild grass, in order to halt the cycle, as the fight to keep weeds out of your lawn is a year-round effort. Managing weeds will take more than a consistent mowing and irrigation schedule and product application. Herbicides are a large part of the battle; however, it’s essential to hire a professional pest company because of their experience and access to the proper products and equipment. We’ve come to find that most homeowners end up causing more damage to their property when trying to manage weeds on their own!

One of the best things you can do to help control weeds is proper management practices. It’s vital to choose proper turf grass for a particular area. For example, St Augustine grass won’t thrive in heavily shaded areas, causing weak, thin turf that is susceptible to weed invasion. Our team of experts here at Trad’s Garden Center will work with you to determine the best selection for your yard!

If you have any questions about weed control, feel free to contact us – we’d love to help! Just put in a blip about Trad’s Pest Control.